some more s'mores

I sent my sister outside to ask my husband where the propane torch was.
I had asked Santa for a kitchen butane torch after making these cupcakes for the first time last week, but Santa forgot. He did remember to bring me good cocoa powder though (brownie points for Santa).
My husband didn't like the idea of me and my sister in the kitchen with a torch, so he toasted the marshmallow topping again (he didn't trust me last time either). Can't say I really blame him.

These are really good though. Still not extremely s'morey but sorta s'morey. Last time I followed the recipe exactly, this time we used 2x the graham cracker, added more mini chocolate chips and added in a tub of marshmallow creme to the meringue.

funny papers

WiggysStuff added our Little Drama Queen bib to their See You in the Funny Papers treasury. :)

for the sweets

threesistersharvest added our Heart to Heart bib to their newest treasury!


back from "break"

a "break" that flew by way too fast!

We had our newest addition a few days after my last post, and have been happily adjusting to life as a family of 6 since then. My website and Etsy shop are now both back open as of a couple days ago.

Here's the first treasury we've been featured in since reopening:

It's been so nice to not have to do anything but cuddle babies over the past two months. And eat holiday goodies. I promise to get back to blogging regularly. I just have to ease back into it. Kind of like my pre-baby jeans. :)