the crayon bandit...

strikes again!

On the bright side, at least it's not sharpie!

The crayon bandit's little sidekick would still rather eat crayons than deface with them, so I know she didn't do it.

She left her signature blue crayon in the knee lever hole. Getting brave too - I was a mere three feet away sorting fabric on the sewing table.

Saturday quilt

Saturday seemed like a quilty kind-of-a day so I handed the girls a stack of Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 squares that I'd been holding onto for awhile. They love laying squares out to design quilts, and it always makes for a fun afternoon project. I love how random they are - the only self-appointed "rule" they use is that two squares of the same print can't be next to one another. Other than that - free game! They are two little free spirits working together (with a wee bit of fighting over their favorite squares usually) and are always so proud to show me their finished results.

(yes, they are in princess dresses more often than not) :)

on the ironing board

free-motion quilting action shot

fresh out of the dryer (my absolute most favoritist part)

all softened up and shrinkylicious

We used Jennifer Paganelli's Jade Amy Dot for the backing, and Michael Miller's Kid Cut Ups in Turquoise for the binding.

little bit's tootsies

did I mention little bit is fast?

see ya!


eBay listing for Emily

For Emily's Launch we currently have a set of 4 blue floral bibs up for auction on eBay. Each bib is also individually listed in our Etsy shop, with 100% of all proceeds from sales donated to the Emily Schmidt Memorial Fund.

crafted for a cause treasury

SeaLoreDesigns added our Tulip Charm Blue Stripe bib to her Crafted for a Cause treasury. Her Etsy shop offers beautiful sea-inspired jewelry. I love this Goddess bracelet:

Emily's Launch

Emily's Launch begins today! 100% of the proceeds from the sales of items listed for the launch will be donated to Emily Schmidt Memorial Fund to help her family with medical bills. To find all of the beautiful blue flower and rainbow items that have been listed please visit Etsy and eBay using the search term "Emily HGC."
If you would like to read more about sweet Emily and her family, please visit the Polka Dot Mom blog here. If you are a seller on Etsy or eBay and would like to participate in the launch, please visit the Hope for God's Children blog here.


So St. Croix

Jennifer Paganelli's newest line, So St. Croix, is shipping! I cannot wait to get my hands on some to sew up some Cathy Dresses for the girls and Carly Bubbles for little bit!


lots o' new bibs

when fabric worlds collide

"At the Petting Zoo" has always been one of my #1 faves since I started sewing bibs. It was orginally released by Alexander Henry in blue, white and pink colorways. I was lucky enough to have the print in blue and pink, but was never able to locate the white colorway.

A couple of months ago I was browsing Michael Miller's newly released prints and noticed that they had one of my #1 fave fabrics on their website. But it felt like my fabric world was out of whack - At the Petting Zoo was Alexander Henry, not Michael Miller!

This fabric nerd did some research and found out that it's a print from the early 20th century, and Alexander Henry released a reproduction in 2004. Michael Miller just released it as a reproduction too.

Michael Miller's new white version on the left is smaller-scale than Alexander Henry's. Some design elements are switched around, and colors vary too.

But on a side-note, I am happy to report I just found more of the out-of-print pink and white Alexander Henry versions!

new 2-D Zoo colorways!


Kyle David Miller Foundation

The Kyle David Miller Foundation just launched their first ever silent auction! Head over to the KDMF blog to view the items up for bid. We have 2 sets on the "auction block" including 2-D Zoo, Mini Rocker and Sushi bibs.

100% of all proceeds go towards purchasing car seats for low income families. The Kyle David Miller Foundation was founded in December 2006 after the Miller family lost their 3-year-old son Kyle in an autombile accident on May 29th 2005. Kyle was seated in a booster seat and the seat belt failed, ejecting him from the vehicle. The KDMF serves two primary purposes:

1. To educate the public about motor vehicle and car seat safety –primarily the importance of the use of extended harnessing 5-point harness car seats for older toddlers and children.

2. To provide safe 5-point harness car seats to families who otherwise could not afford them

To learn more please visit the KDMF website or click here to learn more about Kyle.