Saturday quilt

Saturday seemed like a quilty kind-of-a day so I handed the girls a stack of Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 squares that I'd been holding onto for awhile. They love laying squares out to design quilts, and it always makes for a fun afternoon project. I love how random they are - the only self-appointed "rule" they use is that two squares of the same print can't be next to one another. Other than that - free game! They are two little free spirits working together (with a wee bit of fighting over their favorite squares usually) and are always so proud to show me their finished results.

(yes, they are in princess dresses more often than not) :)

on the ironing board

free-motion quilting action shot

fresh out of the dryer (my absolute most favoritist part)

all softened up and shrinkylicious

We used Jennifer Paganelli's Jade Amy Dot for the backing, and Michael Miller's Kid Cut Ups in Turquoise for the binding.

little bit's tootsies

did I mention little bit is fast?

see ya!


Sara Scott said...

LOVE it!!!

The Prosper Russells said...

WOW that's AMAZING!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me!!

Sara Scott said...

LOVE it!!!