some customs from this week!

yay for...

fat new stacks of fabric! Fabric.com had an amazing sale on lots of goodies - Jennifer Paganelli, yummy solid color knits...perfect for some more back to school clothes for the littles.

tropical paradise

This treasury happens to be a "buy and replace" so if you are an Etsy seller and purchase one of the items in the treasury (or anything from any of the featured shops) an item from your shop will be featured next to replace what you purchased.


bake like June Cleaver

I was trying to find some pretty souffle cups for cupcakes in between trying to get my shipping labels printed, and found these aqua/red party cups from TinselandTrinkets. I liked the colors so much that I put together a treasury while waiting for pages to load/reload (our internet is still wonky so it takes foooorreeeevvvvaaaaah to do the simplest thing). Our internet provider was supposed to get new radios in on Thursday, but so far haven't heard word from him.

So anywhoo hopefully the internet will be running normally at some point in the future. But in the meantime here's the vintage-inspired baking treasury I put together while attempting to get my work done. :)


Heather Ross celebration

Our Tadpoles in Mustard bib was included in ananemone's Heather Ross Celebration treasury. Heather Ross's take-home goldfish print was one of the very first fabrics I purchased to make bibs with (back in the eBay days). Some of her "retired" oldies-but-goodies are available in new colorways on spoonflower.com here. I turned the pink gnomes into a sweet little pillowcase dress for the girls a few months ago.


Sunday cupcakes

Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder + new order of cupcake liners + new gigundo pastry tip = good way to end a Sunday

our favorite frosting around here is Paula Deen's 7-Minute frosting

The pretty cupcake liners are from one of my very favorite Etsy sellers, HeyYoYo.

Under the Sea


candle sale at the Barn!

The Barn is having a warehouse seconds sale this weekend, at 80-85% off retail prices. If you live too far away to get there in person, they are offering "grab bags" of either the 16 oz or 8 oz sizes on their website. An amazing deal!

card up the sleeve

Thank you to Copeland's Pottery for adding our Solitaire bib to their Card Up the Sleeve treasury. They have a beautiful shop of pottery, including this jewelry box:


seeing spots

There's nothing better than a classic polka dot! Etsy seller Life in the Sass Lane added our Citrus Disco Dot bib to her EtsyKids are seeing SPOTS treasury.


a little soapylove

"They're here! They're here!"

Last week the girls and I placed an order from the Soapylove website, and that is what I heard this morning when I told them who the pretty brown box the mailman handed us was from (I can say pretty because even the brown box was outfitted in colorful Soapylove stickers).

They had stood at the computer, changing minds, changing colors, changing styles for what seemed ages but had finally decided on Mint Chocolate Chip and Pink Grapefruit.

(the Mint Chocolate Chip matches one of their new Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bears from Build-a-Bear, don'tcha know)

Debbie also included some adorable Bubblegum Marshmallow soap samples to try out. I had seen these previously on her facebook page, and couldn't believe that they really do look and feel just like marshmallows - they just smell even yummier.

Needless to say, getting them to take their showers today was no problem at all. :)


Baby Gifts for Future Geeks

Babble.com featured our Computer Code bib on their Family Style blog today, as part of the Baby Gifts for Future Geeks post. Also featured was this adorable microscope onesie from Nerdy Baby.

sweet pink finds


double trouble

Our friends welcomed sweet little twin boys into the world this week! As soon as we found out their names I got started on some baby gifts. The bedding that they had registered for was uber-cute, so we picked up a package of receiving blankets from the same collection to rework into some soft custom blankets.

I cut the receiving blankets (stripes, leaves and animals) into different sized strips and then sewed the strips together for each new blanket.

On each seam I used a chicken scratch (don't think that's the right name but that's what I call it) stitch in coordinating colors.

The little guys' names are appliqued across the bottom right side of each blanket in light blue minky fabric.

The backing is a plush brown cuddle fabric.

A few months down the road they should be able to use this nice fat stack of bibs. ;) With the remaining pieces of the receiving blankets I pieced together two custom bibs to match.

And with the smaller scraps I was even able to make a couple of taggie blankets.


she wanted her (chocolate chip cookie bar) cake...

...with lots of frosting too!
I think they tried out every star and flower pastry tip I own :)
Eat your heart out Cake Boss! Final product after all of their leaf work:

We used the Congo Bar recipe from Bakerella, and a yummy buttercream frosting recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook. It was very very good in a wow this is so rich I can't eat the whole piece good. :)

Baker Charm Necklace

How cute is this muffin tin charm necklace from Sarita's Jewelry Box? Pretty sure I need it (update: I bought it). This brush and comb necklace is equally adorable too:

Currently the seller is offering 20% orders or 3 or more items for new customers. Get shopping! :)

Treads featured on the front page of Etsy!

Thank goodness Craft Cult has The Vault where you can find screenshots of all treasuries featured on the front page, because I was not up to see the front page of Etsy at 4 am! :)



Etsy seller MRSBAUBLES added our Tread Plate baby bib to her Treads treasury. Thank you! I love the Tread Plate plate, and I gave hubby one of toybreaker/Cyberoptix Tie Lab's ties for Christmas.

MRSBAUBLES' Etsy shop is full of handmade beaded earrings, necklaces and brooches, like these pretty freshwater pearl earrings:


Week of Wow at Lot 116 Photography

Lot 116 Photography is having an entire Week of Wow, with 2 or more giveaways each day! Check out the giveaways on the Lot 116 blog, and then head over to Lot 116's facebook page before July 11th to leave a comment under the item(s) you would like to win.

Colby Lane Designs is featured as Giveaway #4! We are giving away your choice of 5 bibs (that retail for $8-10) from our website.


let's call the whole thing off

Etsy seller cuspididdly added our Gone Bananas bib to her fun and eclectic "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" treasury.