a little soapylove

"They're here! They're here!"

Last week the girls and I placed an order from the Soapylove website, and that is what I heard this morning when I told them who the pretty brown box the mailman handed us was from (I can say pretty because even the brown box was outfitted in colorful Soapylove stickers).

They had stood at the computer, changing minds, changing colors, changing styles for what seemed ages but had finally decided on Mint Chocolate Chip and Pink Grapefruit.

(the Mint Chocolate Chip matches one of their new Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bears from Build-a-Bear, don'tcha know)

Debbie also included some adorable Bubblegum Marshmallow soap samples to try out. I had seen these previously on her facebook page, and couldn't believe that they really do look and feel just like marshmallows - they just smell even yummier.

Needless to say, getting them to take their showers today was no problem at all. :)

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