To stripe or not to stripe...

I decided I want to paint my studio floor. I can't decide if I want to do diamonds or stripes. Or sqaures. I saw the idea in one of those nifty Lowe's magazines they send out. Hubby hates it when they come in the mail because it always means a new crazy Jenny project.

I also blog-lifted an idea from MaryMo about using wood embroidery hoops to frame my favorite fabrics to hang on the wall. I have the embroidery hoops, now I just have to sort through my fabric stashes. Although I am eyeing some of the Liberty of London prints from purl. I shouldn't though, as the mailman handed me a few new packages today. One my momma will really like called The In-Crowd, it features a Paul McCartney look-alike silhouette. And some Russian Matryoshka doll fabric that I'm really excited about...reminds me of my grandma telling us stories of her childhood.

My neighbor opened up her Roskos Creek Soaps Etsy shop today. We were lucky enough to receive some of her soaps as a house-warming gift when we first moved in almost a year ago. They were so pretty I didn't want to use them, but I did and now I'm a soap snob! They're my favorite because they don't sting if the kiddo gets suds in her eyes during a bath. She'll be adding more soaps soon!

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