a Lalaloopsy wardrobe

Your Spot Splatter Splash will need a change of outfit, of course...wait, I meant your kiddo's Spot Splatter Splash will need a change of outfit. There are 3 fashion packs available for the dolls - a yellow robe, a party dress, and a raincoat, normally retailing for around $8 each.

But good luck finding one. All the big box stores seem to be sold out. Toys R Us was offering a free fashion pack with each doll purchase, but then I blinked and they were sold out. You can find them on Amazon for about double the suggested retail price...and you can always try eBay.

Luckily for your (kiddo's) Lalaloopsy's wardrobe, there is a seller on Etsy by the name of Peppermint Piglet.

Her shop features handmade Lalaloopsy clothing creations.

Which we have been completely obsessing over.

Non-stop. {sigh}

Good luck choosing a favorite! {bigger sigh}

p.s. she does custom orders too!

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