mess with Mod Podge

This morning I saw a beautiful piece of mosaic art on the Sis Boom Sightings flickr group. Melissa of A Hundred Billion Stars adds some of the most amazing goodies to the group - check out some more of her pics and other fun creations made with Sis Boom fabric here!

Since the heat index is 107 degrees, the parks are flooded, and the thought of tackling the weekly grocery shopping in a store where they don't have water gave me the heebiejeebies (the city south of us had 8 water main breaks), we opted to stay home this afternoon.

Inspired by Melissa's fabric mosaics, we spent some time making a mess of our fabric scraps - always a favorite passtime around here! Then I let them loose with their own canvases and Mod Podge.

Colby started by placing squares side by side, then went for the layered look

all finito!

her little sister was ALL about the glue :)

she declared "All done! Isn't it fantastic?"

After the canvases were finished they painted their new snakes from Hobby Lobby. A couple weeks ago they each picked out one of those plastic snakes at Happy Joes with their tickets (those broke of course) so when they found these they were beyond excited.


Unknown said...

This is delightful!

The Prosper Russells said...

LOVE it!! THey are fantastic!!

Melissa P said...

This makes me so happy!! Kids playing with fabric-and Mod Podge. And they certainly are fantastic! You've made my day. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I would like to do it myself! That's why I love to do arts and crafts with Landen and Leighton - it's fun for all of us!