pins and needles

is what the girls have been on waiting for these fabric panels to arrive!

We found the sweet modkid ragdolls after browsing Patty Young's blog here. They have been oohing and ahhing over her Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic! post about the Barbie exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum (okay I've been oohing and ahhing it too, I still love a Barbie).

On the sidebar of the blog she had a link to her Potty Girl A-Line dress pattern - they said "what is that for?" so we had to find out. :)

And now the doll panels are here and ready to be sewn up with some little dresses!

Some more Playdate fabrics arrived too - you can view the rest of the fun collection on the Michael Miller website here.

Shirts? Dresses? Maybe new bibs? Who knows! But my little Vanna White likes 'em.

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