the best part of today was...

Artist Stephanie Corfee added the cutest printable coloring sheet to her facebook fan page yesterday. Perfect for the times when your kids come running into the kitchen while you're making supper and say: "Mooooooom can I have a snack?" You can distract them until the spaghetti is on the table with crayons, markers and some printable Stephanie Corfee artwork!

The best part of today was...(last night's answers)

saying: "I love you"
playing with: "Reece" (one of her bff's)
eating: "donuts"
hugging: "Reece"

saying: "hugging" (lol)
playing with: "pink mermaid"
eating: "cupcake" (one of these)
hugging: "mom and dad"

If you click on "download in high resolution" under the pic on her facebook page you can save it to your computer and print it out at full-size. :)

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