bewitchin' kitchen towels

Hanging dishtowels are one of my favorite quick projects. One of the littles loved to yank the towel down and leave it on the floor (just like all the littles before her), so hanging towels work out a lot better in our house! At least until they figure out how to unsnap things.

Earlier in the year I found this tutorial on Kleio's Belly blog - you can download the template and instructions here. Instead of a flannel lining I used my bib lining, and topstitched all the way around the fabric top edges. And I'm not patient enough for buttons, so I put my trusty snap press to work.

I liked how they turned out so much that I made a bunch more in all of my fun food prints. Then I made some more for my sister. And anyone else who had a kitchen. And now anyone who gets married/gets a new place/is related to me gets them with some matching ovenmitts and pot holders.

Below are the Halloween towels I finished up earlier! Some are destined for my momma's house.

All of the towels can be found at Target in the Halloween and kitchen aisles (and remember that you cut the original towel in half, so one towel gets you 2 hanging towels).

Someday I plan to add these to my website. Someday. When all the girls are in school...so maybe in say...5- 6 years? ;)


The Bonjour Four said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are amazing!! seriously have i told you that before? think i have. ha i LOVE those towels! i so want to make some. How?! teach me.. please :)

The Bonjour Four said...

oh haha sorry. i got ahead of myself and commented before i read. :) ill have to check that tutorial out. are they pretty easy to make?

Jenny said...

so easy! :) the only annoying part is turning the fabric under and putting the gathered towel in - but a little liquid stitch helps hold the towel in place before you topstitch it. :)