duct tape + candy corn

A craft that involves candy, a glue gun and duct tape? Yes, please! We totally made a candy corn wreath. A manly man could *almost* make this wreath without getting a demerit on his mancard. Or at least wrap the duct tape around the styrofoam for his wife.

I, on the other hand, am trying to resist the urge to spray it down with glitter.

You can find the how-to on the Woman's Day Halloween craft section here. The kids stayed away from the glue gun of course - they were too busy sorting out the "good" from the "bad" candy corn. Sugar rush!

There was about half a bag of candy corn left over - if you don't feel like eating it (ha!) you can always do something similar to this made by Kelli from the Random Thoughts of a Supermom blog. I love that you can reuse the bottles for all of the holidays, replacing the candy corn with m & m's for Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. Hobby Lobby has a bunch of cute jars to choose from.

She used her Cricut for the vinyl letters, but you could find a seller on Etsy who makes custom vinyl stickers if you don't have a Cricut (wish I had one).

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