goodbye paper napkins

We go through paper napkins like water. Each night after supper I'd make a mental note to look up cloth napkins, but with a million and 2 distractions I'd forget about my mental note.

Until yesterday!

You can find gorgeous handmade napkins on Etsy, and I'm sure the big box stores all carry them. But I needed a lot. So I went to Sam's Club. They had 8-packs for just under $8.00.

But leaving them white wasn't any fun. Bust out the Rit! I wanted to bust out the Dylon but for some reason the big box didn't have them anymore and I was too lazy to go to Joanns.

I filled up the sink with enough water for 6-8 napkins to move around freely, added 4 tablespoons of salt, and then mixed the dye into 2 cups of warm water before pouring it into the sink.

I added the pre-soaked napkins and stirred them around. You're supposed to stir constantly for 10-30 minutes according to the directions. I tried to do this - but it just didn't happen (it never happens). I stirred for maybe a few minutes and then walked by every 10 minutes or so and stirred them around.

After the time was up I rinsed them in water until the water ran clear, ran them through a couple cycles in the washing machine, and then threw them in the dryer.

The napkins are part polyester, so I didn't expect the dye to take as well as it would have to 100% cotton, but they still turned out to be really pretty, soft colors. The kids love them! And yay for no more paper napkins.

These would also be fun to dress up with fabric embellishments for different holidays or to match to your kitchen colors.

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